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major Updates to webdrake.net

A number of design changes have been made to the site, optimizing it for an 800x600 resolution. The science pages have undergone some (mostly cosmetic) changes, and the pages on self-organized criticality have been replaced with a general complexity site. A number of changes have been made to the sections on writing and music. Pages have been validated according to W3C standards.
Following their creation several months back, the econophysics pages have been expanded somewhat over the last couple of months to include a papers list, links, etc., as for the neural systems pages. I will be doing the same for the pages on self-organized criticality in the near future.
Two main changes have been made: first, the Bookshop page has gone. I never did anything with it and it seems to make more sense to link to books via different pages (as I did at the time of the last update, for the neural systems page). Second, I have revamped the scientific side of the site somewhat: I’ve added an entirely new science page, to which the maths pages are now subordinate. Future updates will include science sections on self-organized criticality, econophysics, and maybe networks.
Again most (read: all) changes refer to neural systems stuff. New papers have been added, the design of the welcome page has been revamped a bit, and I’ve added a "books" page with links to Amazon.
At some point in the future I’m going to start seriously on the music and particularly clarinet pages, but don’t hold your breath. ;-)
... at long last a serious clearup of the site! In the interim period between the two dates here there have been some changes, most notably the addition of the neural systems research page. Today’s clearup has, to the best of my knowledge, cleared the site of dead links. The site has been tested for compatibility with Internet Explorer 5.5, Opera 6.0 and Netscape 4.76; the only problem that I am aware of is that the inline frame on the Poetry page does not work with Netscape. In addition, fonts appear to be quite small on some Linux-based systems. If you have any problems browsing the site, I would be very grateful if you could let me know.
For the foreseeable future the main focus will be on pages to do with my physics research at the University of Fribourg (keep checking that neural systems research page); I will attempt to add a science section with details on Self-Organized Criticality, Econophysics, and related topics. I shall also be uploading old work which might be of interest, including essays, projects and so forth. I’m afraid, though, that updates may be sparse — PhDs are hard work too!
Nevertheless: keep watching this space. ;-)
Most of the pages set up in basic form. Some pages still need developing, most could do with more content!

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