Joseph Wakeling's Critically Mad Web Domain
Joseph Wakeling's critically mad web domain is revealed...

_... and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright horrifying, I’m sure, but then, I’m all-but-mad in real life, so once I get on the web, I’m definitely a certifiable case. This website is my means of inflicting various interests of mine on unsuspecting innocents, i.e. you, dear reader.

Being of sound mind you’ll probably want to steer clear of my science pages, but you never know. Personally I quite like the stuff, which must be why I ended up studying it. I’m also into lots of different kinds of music, so I’ve got pages on that too.

My pages on writing include fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as stuff on my favourite authors. And if that doesn’t frighten you off, you might even want to find out about me. Miracles can happen...

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